BLS CPR Class Registration

Here are the steps (the same applies to first-taker and for renewals):
  • FIRST Click a Date THEN Click an Open Time Slot
  • Choose the number of seats, click “Book now” & follow instructions
  • Show up 15 min before the scheduled time on Location
  • Listen carefully to your instructors
  • Get your Basic Life Support Provider card
AHA BLS Certification Alexandria

CPR Certification Alexandria only uses professional Instructors who are all certified through the American Heart Association.

$59.95 3 hours

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The AHA BLS CPR Certification Course
Covers and Includes

Where We Teach CPR?

Take an American Heart Association CPR Class in Alexandria with an official AHA Instructor. Get hands-on and in-person quality CPR training that is OSHA and employer approved! Simply choose a convenient date from the calendar.

CPR Certification Class Alexandria
CPR Certification Class Alexandria VA
CPR Class Alexandria VA

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Why us and Why this course?

Why us?

  • These Alexandria CPR classes are all taught by American Heart Association Instructors.
  • Same Day CPR E Card issued
  • Professional instructors
  • Friendly and Relaxed Course
  • Small and engaging classes

Why this course?

  • The BLS AHA Certification is the most accepted CPR Card in the United States.
  • Hands-on Chest Compression Practice and Skill Check
  • Rescue Breath Practice
  • AED Usage for Adults, Children, and Infants
  • Multiple choice exam

Who should take these courses?

Our AHA BLS CPR Classes satisfy the requirements for many industries including:

What Customers Say about CPR Certification Alexandria

“The CPR Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and kind. He came to our dental office and taught the class after hours got the whole staff CPR Certified. CPR Certification Alexandria has gone above and beyond for their students. Thank you!”

“Our Instructor was knowledgeable and full of energy. They went through the material thoroughly and taught us in a way we could remember and have fun doing it! CPR and AED certification cards are sent right away after class. Highly recommend.”

“I needed BLS CPR Renewal at a time that was convenient for my busy schedule as a nurse. I very much enjoyed the class and look forward to returning again when my recertification is due. Thanks!”

“Everything in the BLS class was presented clearly. The hands on in person setup worked really well for me as I was renewing for the 9th time. The hands-on demo and test were efficient! I got my card the Same Day! Definitely recommend!”

Learn life-saving skills in a fun and interactive class with certified instructors

CPR, or CardioPulmonary Resuscitation, is a life-saving technique used to help someone who has stopped breathing or whose heart has stopped.

The class will teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to perform CPR in emergency situations. The class is taught by AHA-certified instructors with experience in emergency response and CPR training.

This course is suitable for all professions and meets or exceeds most employer requirements.

American Heart Association CPR Classes Alexandria

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